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Contact your MLA in favour of strong new tobacco laws for Alberta.

Make your voice heard over Big Tobacco's lobbyists.

Possible points to make in your message...

  • Candy and fruit-flavoured tobacco products lure kids into experimenting with tobacco, which puts them at risk of addiction
  • Tobacco companies are deliberately targeting kids with flavoured products, slim cigarettes and attractive packaging.
  • One in four Alberta youth who use tobacco smoke menthol cigarettes. In comparison, menthol cigarettes represent less than 5 percent of the total adult market.
  • Menthol is the worst flavour of all because it reduces the harshness of tobacco, facilitates deeper inhalation and enhances nicotine absorption. However newer flavoured tobacco products like cherry, grape and chocolate are gaining popularity fast. All flavoured tobacco must be banned.
  • Alberta has the highest rate of youth spit tobacco use in Canada. Getting rid of flavoured spit tobacco will mean fewer kids are tempted to start.
  • Tobacco sales to minors should be regulated as strictly as alcohol sales to minors. Just like liquor stores, stores that sell tobacco should have to get a license and face the risk of losing their license if they get caught selling to kids.
  • A recent investigation by the Canadian Cancer Society and Action on Smoking and Health found that two out of every three stores tested were willing to sell tobacco to minors.
  • Alberta has not met its targets for reducing youth smoking. The target for 2010 was 10 percent but the actual rate was 13 percent among youth aged 12-19.
  • Alberta kids deserve first-class protection from tobacco industry products. We cannot stand by and allow this unscrupulous industry to get kids hooked.

In the 2013 fall session of the Alberta Legislature, two new laws were passed to help reduce youth tobacco use in Alberta (Bill 206 and Bill 33).

If fully implemented, these new laws will:

  • give the government broad regulatory authority over all flavoured tobacco products including menthol cigarettes,
  • further restrict tobacco sales to minors,
  • ban waterpipe use in public establishments; and,
  • ban smoking in vehicles carrying children.

These important bills are currently awaiting proclamation by Cabinet before they can take effect.  Please send a message to your MLA, Premier Dave Hancock, Health Minister Fred Horne and Associate Minister of Wellness Dave Rodney urging the government to proclaim the bills quickly and without any exemptions.

Ask them to ensure that the protection for kids established within these laws is not undermined during the development of regulations through exemptions for products like menthol.

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Send a message to your MLA

Alberta kids deserve first class protection from tobacco and you can make a difference.  Please contact your MLA to express your support for stronger legislation to keep kids tobacco-free for life.  Our political leaders need further motivation and your voice must be heard.  Let your MLA know that you want immediate action to protect kids including a ban on flavoured tobacco products, further restrictions on tobacco sales to minors, and more smoke-free spaces for kids.

Write a short message to your MLA in the text box below and it will be sent immediately. 

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